Race Instructions (EN)


Race Classification

Endurance running/quick walking race daylight competition. Running route goes through Beskydy edge out of busy roads. The route uses tourist marking. The undulating land is going through beautiful forest with emotional views.

DistanceElevationTime limit
50 km ↑↓ 1913 m 8 hours
30 km ↑↓ 1077 m 5 hours
20 km ↑↓ 562 m 3,5 hours
10 km ↑↓ 325 m 2 hours


Saturday 29. 5. 2021

Start, Finish, Meeting place

Mountain hotel Čarták

Solanec pod Soláněm 186

756 62 Hutisko - Solanec


GPS: 49.3895972N, 18.2430756E

Map: Czech tourist map on-line www.mapy.cz

Competition centre

In competition area (start, finish) there are ability of cloak-room, WC, showers.

Car parking is close to competition area.

The surrounding offers many accommodation possibilities. Hotel Čarták will be occupied by organizers.

Runners presentation

50 km 8:00 – 9:30
30 km 8:00 – 10:00
20 km 8:00 – 10:30
10 km 8:00 – 11:00

The presentation is possible only on the day of the race. By the presentation the racer is required to identify by ID card and sign the rules and agree to start at his/her own responsibility.

Start of competition

50 km 10:00
30 km 10:30
20 km 11:00
10 km 11:30


Register on http://www.valasskyhrb.cz/registrace, alternatively on the day of the race (capacity restriction).

Race payment

The entry fee is payable within 10 days from the date of registration to the account number below:

BANK IBAN - CZ9620100000002000912615


10 km499 CZK Only for on-line registration and payment till 27. 5. 2021. It is not possible to change the distance at this registration.
599 CZK on-site registration on the day of the race
20 km
30 km
50 km
549 CZK 1st - 50th race competitor
599 CZK 51st - 200th race competitor
649 CZK 201st - 450th race competitor
699 CZK 451st - 600th race competitor
749 CZK 601st - 750th race competitor
799 CZK 751st - 1000th race competitor or on-site registration on the day of the race
The order of the registered person determines his registration number. All registered competitors, irrespective of the selected track, are included in the ranking.

Support, Feeding stations

5x feeding station (water, sport drink, fruit, chocolate). In race centrum meal, beer or soft drinks. Sports t-shirt (only if registered until 5th May 2021), race map and number. Basic health care – mountain rescue service (running at one´s own risk). Toilets and showers. Children program (in case of good weather).


Men A 18 – 29 years (2003 – 1991)
Men B 30 – 44 years (1990 – 1976)
Men C 45 and older (1975 and older)
Women D 18 – 37 years (2003 – 1983)
Women E 38 and older (1982 and older)

The inclusion of a competitor in the relevant category is based on the year of birth.


Microchip implemented in starting number + electronic gates on the route.

Age limit

18 years

Prices and winner announcement

First three runners in all categories will receive prices.

Other arrangements

Each participant of the race is obliged to carry a mobile phone during the race, which he entered during registration.

The organizer can cancel the race without compensation in case of bad weather forecast as well as on the day and during the race.

The organizer guarantees the selected size and type of T-shirt (men / women) only upon registration till 1. 4. 2021.


3THX sportovní klub – občanské sdružení
Báječné ženy v běhu

Race director

Tomáš Knop-Kostka
E-mail: info@valasskyhrb.cz

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